Kung Hei Fat Choi

I want to shout out to all the friends and clients of BLACKOUT and wish you all a joyous, prosperous, and all out sweet ass year of the dragon.




I got to do a couple of bird related tattoos this week, so i decided to throw them up for your viewing pleasure. First up is a swallow on Mr David. His father and grandfather both sported swallows on their forearms, so Dave thought he would carry on the tradition. This is what he got:
Second, Miss Fiona got a peacock feather on her ribs. Its a rough spot, but she pulled through with minimal screaming and kicking. I have decided the lady bird at the bottom is called Franz. 
 And finally to cap it all of I thought I would put up a video of a song I like By Follow That Bird! I dig it, and so should you.

On a separate note, Chinese New Year is upon us again so BLACKOUT will be closed on Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd. I will be back in the chair on Tuesday. As always, if you got questions then blast them through the internet to: hkblackout@gmail.com.



and  Bro-tatts..........




 I started this Hannya and chrysanthemum tattoo on my buddy Richie from the awesome Shepherds The Weak today. STW has been a Hong Kong hardcore institution for more years than I care to remember. If you get the chance then you should definitely check them out!!


Happy New Year!

This is my first tattoo of 2012, and if the misguided and the mentally challenged are correct in thinking that the world is going to end in 2012, it might be the most prophetic one I do all year.

I found this one kicking around in the tat-bank and I cant remember posting it, so consider this one a freebie. It's half healed and half fresh...you know the drill. 

Also there are still 2 Electric Pick prints available in the studio. These beauties went very quickly, but the remaining ones are still here, waiting to adorn some lucky art lover's wall. Swing by to get your hands on them. They are the A2 version and can be had for HK$500. fucking bargain.

Finally I want to thank all the friends, blog followers and amazing customers that made BLACKOUT a blast to work at this year. Without you guys there wouldn't be a BLACKOUT so feel free to have a drink tonight and give yourselves a pat on the back.
Personally I am excited for 2012 to properly take off. We have some very interesting plans for the studio this year, and a lot of different projects that will hopefully make the transition from imagination to reality. Happy new year friends, and I hope 2012 treats you well!!!