quick update...

typhoon megi turned out to be a chicken shit, so as usual i am open today. this is what i did yesterday:second session on daves girls and roses themed half sleeve. this part is on the his inner bicep, and took about 2 and a half hours. round 3 is coming on tuesday, when ill try to get a nice healed up photo of round 1.
have a nice weekend folks


theres' a storm a comin

batten down your hatches....
looks like this little bastard might hit on saturday. in which case BLACKOUT will be closed. it might still chicken out, so feel free to give me a call to check if the door is open or not. thanks.


something new, and the incredible donk...

time for an update right? right?
i got to have my first real crack at a more realistic style this saturday. this is part 1 of a 3 part half sleeve of none other than girls and roses (not to be confused with guns and roses, they are a whole different bunch of girls.)
its pretty hard to get a nice photo when ever you are doing black and grey tattoos, so expect a better one when its all healed up and looking less red. i really enjoyed this one, its a pretty big step away from what i normally do, and it was great to get to do something different. cheers dave, and remember not to get fucked on vodka the night before next time...you'll have a better time i promise.
I also got to start some pretty cool japanese style doings on the incredible donk. (its true that he is actually the incredible hulks younger pinker brother). the original koi is about 12 years old and the donk figured it was time to give him a reboot. i ended up freehanding most of the background so what started out looking like this:
ended up looking like this:
in a couple of weeks we are going make some real bold lines and start chucking in some black (note to self...order more black) im looking forward to getting some colour in this too. keep your eyes peeled for updates on this one.
also here is a snake.
why a snake you ask? why not?