This blog is dead. I have been regularly updating the blog on my new site blackout-tattoo.com

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Last one?

 This may well be the last post here as I plan on moving the blog over to the new website at blackout-tattoo.com. until I get my head around that conundrum you can take a look at the tattoo I made on my new friend Miss Timka yesterday.
Her name is cookie.

And I thought as an added bonus for your eyes I would throw up a sketch for a half sleeve of dragon goodness. This is going to be a little different when it gets tattooed, When it goes up on the new site, you'll see.


dot coms and candles

I made a candle tattoo on my long time customer Mr pong the other day to fill in a small space that he had left inside his arm bone.  his only stipulation with this one was that it must have a city and pink sky background. This is what he got. As always it was a pleasure tattooing him.
 In other news, i recently set up a website to act as a sort of portfolio of work. its still a work in progress and will likely go through a few revisions including adding a new blog before its finished, but until then it looks something like this. go check it out
Thanks for looking


My new client Alan flew in from California wanting to get a tattoo that represented his Chinese heritage, and his Chinese Zodiac sign. I figured what could encapsulate these 2 ideas better than a monkey riding a flaming dragon. I am not sure if this has ever happened in the animal kingdom, but I am betting that if it has it probably looked something like this:

Thanks for coming by Alan, and thanks for sitting like a champ!

Separately, if you want to see some different photos, sketches and other shenanigans you can join the SCSC facebook page >>here<<



  I am always grateful when my clients give me freedom to expand their ideas into tattoos that may not originally be what they pictured in their minds, and these 2 were no different. Bino wanted a tattoo to match a piece done on his other arm, and after a brief discussion I was left to my own devices and this is what I came up with.
 Alfred on the other hand asked for only one thing, which was roses. I am not sure if he was expecting a severed arm in there too, but that's what he got.
I honestly do think that by giving an artist a bit of freedom you can come out of it with something new and exciting. it's good for you and good for me, and that makes everyone a winner.