Aaaaaargh. Too hot to blog properly.
Also....here is a dragon.


Mixed bag

Some new, some finished, some still going, some tattooed, some painted...

I did this champaca flower a couple of days ago. This is finished.
It was tattooed.
The painting was not.
Also Pick has some new paintings up on his PICK+TURE+BOX box. be sure to check them out. Don't miss the opportunity, I can't imagine they will be around for long!!


Gone but not forgotten

It is always a huge pleasure when someone chooses you to tattoo them. It is even more of pleasure when someone asks you to tattoo something that means a great deal to them. This tattoo was one of those.
It's the robot from Laputa : Castle in the sky (which if you haven't seen, then you are missing out)
Everyone knows that robots are awesome. It's a bonafide fact. "But which robots are the most awesome?" you ask. Well I dont know about your tastes, but here is my top 5:
5 - Bender
4 - Mechagodzilla
3 - Johnny 5
2 - The Iron Giant
1 - ED-209

Making this list has been the hardest thing I have done all day.

Check Pick's Plog for an alternative look at a bunch of glorified tin cans.