ditch diving and other endevours

I thought i would throw up the last tattoos from tonight and yesterday for your viewing pleasure. First up buddy Hermod got a sweet gypsy girl on the inside of his arm. Sat like a hero and even joined me for a couple at my favorite bar after. Awesome!!
Number 2 is buddy jacky and his new shark. Right in the ditch of the elbow, which i consider to be the most painful spot on your arm to get tattooed. Not only did buddy jacky not move an inch through it, he did all this while ailing with the flu. Legend
Lastly just as a reminder: the shop is going to be closed from the 31st January till the 4th Feb. Please email me with any enquiries and ill get back to you ASAP. See you soon friends.


hello friends. bad news i'm afraid. the shop is going to be closed from the 31st January till the 4th Feb.
I have to run back to the UK to attend a funeral. there are a couple of spots left before i go so if you are in a hurry to get tattooed then we might be able to squeeze it in.
while i am away you can still contact me through the magic of E-mail, and I will get back to you as soon as i can. thanks.
also, so you have something to look at, here's what i did today on the lovely Miss Aydans back.


Hello friends. This is a quick one because its friday and there is a beautiful pint of Guinness with my name all over it. this is what got done on Mr Webbs thigh chunk this afternoon.
Mr Webb originally asked for something completely different and it evolved into this.


"They convicted Ogilthorpe! "

Well 2010 has gasped it's last breath and 2011 is in full effect. i dont know about you but im feeling good about this one.
I also want to use the blog as a megaphone and say a huge thankyou to the amazing friends, family, and awesome customers that made last year awesome for me. There were ups and downs and without all of you guys, BLACKOUT wouldn't be what it is today. Thanks homies!! You all know who you are...ill buy you a beer when i see you!!
Now onto the first few tattoos of the year. My fake brother Mr dons tattoo has gone from this to this.
The first new customers for this year were the ice hockey brothers. Eddie is now proud owner of inukshuk. Inukshuk is used by the tribes up in the snowy wilds of canada and the arctic to signal fertile hunting grounds, and to navigate your way back home. There, now you've learnt something new today.
Leslie managed to get a turtle up on his chest. Both of these were real fun to do, and the guys made it a pleasure to be working late. Cheers chaps!
and to the rest of you, i hope you're staying warm! later web friends!!