merry christmas

hi folks, hope everyone had a great few holiday days...i did!! but now its time to get back to work.
i thought id post up the last tattoo i did before christmas. with any luck you all have awesome plans for the new year, i hope it ends up hang over free!!

finally for your info ill be closed on new years eve and new years day, so if you are planning to swing by then sunday or after will work out.
catch you soon inter-buddies


"look at the blood stains right there..."

i got to tattoo the lovely sarah this week with some cherry blossoms. these tattoos are always fun to do, and this one had particular meaning for her, which made it even more pleasing that i got to do it for her. we went for a style that is much like a traditional chinese painting, and it came out pretty nice i think. she is going to swing by in a couple of weeks and let me get some healed up pics so hopefully ill have them up sometime in the future.also i got in another session with the incredible donk, and his koi fish revamp. you might remember what it looked like before, if not you can check here. its not the best photo as some of it is fresh and some is still healing, which doesnt help my crappy camera out.
ive left the front side open for now as we are planning to put some more japanese style awesomeness onto his chest in a few weeks time.

some people have been e-mailing about availability over the X'mas holidays so here is a rough idea of when ill be closed:
friday 24th - closed
saturday 25th - closed
sunday 26th-closed
i will pretty much be open the rest of the time, and ill give you a heads up when ill be closed over new years too. have a nice weekend folks


complex matters

go check out the homies at complex.com. they have put together a list of 50 tattooers you want to know, and yours truly is up there representing the BLACKOUT crew. good start to a slow and lazy sunday afternoon. now if you dont mind, i got some drawings to do. later!


no snow here.

hello friends, i hope this might give you something other to look at than wikileaks, at the very least it might kill a few minutes of that valuable weekend time for you.
i got cracking on this painting this week. i wanted to use really muted colours, you know keep it a little on the subtle side. well, as subtle as you can make a big ass skull, and dagger. its A3 as usual and all done with crappy watercolor paint.
I also got to tattoo some tiny ruby slippers on miss katie, as a tribute to her favorite movie of all time, the wizard of oz. i had fun trying to get as much detail as possible into a small tattoo, and i think they look pretty cool.
finally this is an alternate into for the walking dead... which might become my favorite show in 2010. so far i've really gotten into it, i'm just hoping that it stays this good all the way through.

enjoy your weekends.