the meat prayer...

despite being sick as hell as weekend, it actually managed to be quite a good one. first i tattooed my top buddy mr don. incase you dont know him he is the axe-man for "hong kong superband" the merriweather deer. if you havent seen them play yet, then you suck. you should get your asses down to the next show, because they aint gonna be around forever as their singer ephraim is heading back over stateside. check em!!! this what we got done:round 2 in a couple of weeks.
yesterday george from sunny glasgow came by for his blinged out maneki neko tattoo. now what you have to understand is that george loves money...LOVES IT. hence the gold and cash motif. LOVES IT I TELL YOU!!last of all some buddies returned from their pilgrimages over seas. buddy sterling came back from san francisco bearing quite possibly the most awesome thing i ever seen. check it out. i hope this is for real, i honestly do.also buddy shifty nic came by to drop off some booze and show me my doppelganger. apparently we all have one. i wish mine wasnt wearing chaps though....yeeehaw....



so, my ma has left our sunny shores once again, for the even sunnier land of singapore for a flying visit to my sister. but before she left i managed to con her into leaving me with a little something.
i asked her to tattoo me, and after some arm arm bending she decided to go all old school on it, and here it is: her first (and i think last) tattoo....
... it hurt, but i love it.


big bubba

fun day yesterday!! buddy simon asked me for a tattoo of the big buddha on lantau island. his email asked for: buddha, lotus, water, clouds and lots of colour. i think its always awesome when a customer gives you a loose guideline and then lets you run with an idea, so i was super stoked to be able to do this one. have a safe flight back to london dude!
lots of small tattoos this week but i thought i would post this one up. a fancy shark for master dive ninja corey. we decided the shark should be super light and almost anti-tribalistic. i think its kinda cool!
im excited this week cos my ma is coming into town, which is always a pleasure. but this also means that the studio is gonna be on weird hours this week, so its better to call ahead or just shoot me an e-mail before you swing by. peace out and ill catch you soon!


something for everybody.

one for the boys:
one for the girlsand a couple of interesting tattoos from last week for everyone:
not a great photo but you get the idea
by the way we will be closed on thursday, as im gonna be partying it up at rockit in macau. but back open on friday as usual, so if you wanna get tattooed or just come by and hangout, you better make it any other day.
later friends of the electric web!!