Just a heads up

BLACKOUT is going to be closed from the 22nd of December to the Beginning of January. I will still be connected to the inter-webs, so If you are interested in booking any spots in January or after then don't be shy. Any questions can be sent to hkblackout@gmail.com.

Electric Pick is going to be in sunny Copenhagen from January to the beginning of February. You can get hold of him at: pick@electricpick.com

If I don't see you before the dreaded 2012 is upon us, then Have a good one, and try not to end up like rudolph!!


A couple of new ones

The lovely Miss Pam was by yesterday from the grand old U.S and A to get some geometrical madness on her ribular area, and I just came across the secretly dirty geisha that Mr Allen got for himself on his calfular area. It's a little fresh and bloody, but you get the idea right?



Round 2.

Half healed. Half fresh. All business.


 So I hope everyone had a blast for the halloween weekend!! I did, but mostly because I avoided all the crowds like the plague. As did the weekend warriors who came to get tattooed.

Avril and Kevin Flew in from Adelaide and got the Asian souvenirs they wanted. Kevin got the Kara-Shishi on his chest bones, and Avril (AKA Zalika Za Lulu) got the china doll on her arm bones. Both the tattoos and the clients were a lot of fun.
 On Sunday Richard got this tribute to the wonders of paisley. This was a lot of fun for me, as it was a nice departure from the usual tribal requests. I would definitely like to do more of this kind of thing in the future. It's a difficult one to see from the photos as it wraps around the forearm alot, but if you want to see it in person you can always hunt Richard down and ask him for a look. Richard can easily be stalked on his site http://richardpilnick.com . While you are there you can check out his photo taking skills. The man is a wizard with a camera.
Take care inter-friends, and don't eat too much candy or your teeth will fall out. Safety first.


Sorry sorry sorry, I know, I know. It's been for ever since I dropped some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Don't worry I intend to make it up to you with this one. It's been a crazy Busy month and there hasn't been much time to breathe, but on the plus side I got to do some great tattoos and even squeeze out a couple of little paintings too.

First up, the lovely Miss Karo came back from the mysterious land of Nether, she travels a whole lot and wanted to remind herself of the joys of living out of a suitcase. This is what she ended up with. Yup. It's a ship. A pirate ship. In a lotus Flower. yargh.
A nice dude called Matthew got the wings of hermes on his leg bones. Also because he is on the road to Europe and obviously he wants to get there quickly. True story.
 I also got to do my cheong saam wearing, cigarette smoking, High heel rocking pin-up.
Lastly, here are some animals. Those of you in the know will clearly see that they are both scientifically and biologically accurate.

In other news. The one Mr. Electric Pick is off on another adventure to foreign lands. This time the spy HQ is sending him to Australia in the next few days, and I have been informed that there will be some serious working invloved, so if you live in Oz and wanna get tattooed by the best tattooer I know (and you should), then check the Electric Plog for details, or E-mail him at: pick@electricpick.com.



So you say you want a revolution...

I tattooed this on Joshua yesterday. He has been living up in the wilds of China for 25 years and payed me a visit to if I could work something up for him to show off his revolutionary side. This is what we came up with. It's a depiction of the proletarian revolution that happened in China mostly through the late 60's. I though it would be cool to make it look like an old communist propaganda poster. simple. bold. It does the trick.

Sometimes smaller tattoos can be fun too. and these 2 are about as small as they come.
Black and grey tattoos are also fun.
Finally this is a sketch of what I was going to be tattooing today....but it never happened. you can't have everything i guess.
Until next time....


I wasn't supposed to be working today, but it seemed to happen anyway. Which reminded me of a painting I started but never finished. It's a message to Hong Kong.I ended up quickly finishing it today. It seemed apt.
More tattoos coming soon. Have a nice weekend web buddies, and don't work too hard!!


Aaaaaargh. Too hot to blog properly.
Also....here is a dragon.


Mixed bag

Some new, some finished, some still going, some tattooed, some painted...

I did this champaca flower a couple of days ago. This is finished.
It was tattooed.
The painting was not.
Also Pick has some new paintings up on his PICK+TURE+BOX box. be sure to check them out. Don't miss the opportunity, I can't imagine they will be around for long!!


Gone but not forgotten

It is always a huge pleasure when someone chooses you to tattoo them. It is even more of pleasure when someone asks you to tattoo something that means a great deal to them. This tattoo was one of those.
It's the robot from Laputa : Castle in the sky (which if you haven't seen, then you are missing out)
Everyone knows that robots are awesome. It's a bonafide fact. "But which robots are the most awesome?" you ask. Well I dont know about your tastes, but here is my top 5:
5 - Bender
4 - Mechagodzilla
3 - Johnny 5
2 - The Iron Giant
1 - ED-209

Making this list has been the hardest thing I have done all day.

Check Pick's Plog for an alternative look at a bunch of glorified tin cans.


I'll be 100 years old on a tuesday.

I finally finished Nate's eagle a few days ago. This is what we ended up with with.
Some of it is healed and some it is freshly zapped, which makes it almost impossible to get a nice photo. so this is what you get.
This was a super fun tattoo to do. I would definitely like to tattoo more birds.

Also, here are some recently discovered discoveries:

- Game of Thrones is the new Walking Dead.
- Purple is the new brown
- Pizza hut pizza is still shit
- My 100th birthday is on a tuesday. Just sayin'.


Check out the new BLACKOUT mobile.Not only does this bad boy max out at 25 Km/h, It also has the latest technologically advanced "windows", a state of the art battering ram, and a fully stocked bar.
We may branch out into providing a limousine chauffeur / Traffic removal service.
Stay sharp.


Bear with us web friends, we are working on adding the extra pages to the blog. But we are also super busy with a bunch of other projects too. Don't worry though, we are doing it for you, and in the coming weeks I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. In between our mega-top secret workings and our regular every day workings we are still finding the time to crank out some delicious new tattoos. Here is a couple of roses i got to do a couple of days ago.
A little bit of a departure from how i normally draw them, but the nice thing about flowers is that you can draw them a million and one ways. I like this one.
Have a good weekend homies!!



Change is good... Right?

Well we think so! However, we're a bit slow too so... Here's a new look and a new feel but give us a few weeks to figure out how to finish it all. Forgive us for the missing sections for now but we're on it! Mhm! True story!

More asap!


Ooooweeeee. April was crazy. First friends in town. Then family and friends in town. Then more friends in town. Some friends are still in town. and some not so much.

despite all this I did manage to get some tattooing done also. Here are 2 of my favorites...

This skully geezer is on buddy Steve. One of the nicest people around. The eagle is round 1 on Nate. 1 more session to go and we will be home free.

Finally we are planning on making some sweeping changes on the blog front in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.


a phurpa...

...is used as a ritual implement to signify stability on a prayer ground during ceremonies, and only those initiated in its use, or otherwise empowered, may wield it. The energy of the phurpa is fierce, wrathful, piercing, affixing, transfixing. The phurpa affixes the elemental process of 'Space' to the Earth, thereby establishing an energetic continuum.It is also on Mr Godwins leg.



It's getting closer and closer by the day.... That's right friends, P-day is a coming, and it's coming real soon. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
The one Mister Electric Pick is once again getting ready to grace our shores, and I do believe he might just be planning to wow you all with some next level tattoo maneuvers. As some of you know already Pick takes care of all his own bookings so drop him a line at : pick@electricpick.com!!!
In the mean time, check the P-man's Plog to read all about his uber-adventures in the african wilderness
I for one am fucking pumped to have Pick back in town, exciting times!!!

aaaaaand...... for those of you who get annoyed when you have nothing to look at, here's a quick painting I made especially for you...yes you!


Hello friends, long time no see. Please excuse the lack of updates, I have been trying to quit the evil nicotine habit, and thus all my spare time has been spent trying not to kill everyone. It has worked so far, but we will see how that goes.

First up, I had the pleasure of tattooing a couple of real nice people from the POWER PLANT art show that was in town. Here is what the lovely Miss Karo went with.

If you are in YMT tomorrow then go check out her show.

Secondly, one of the perks of a blog is that you get to pimp things you think are awesome, and POWER PLANT most certainly was. Its currently at the walled city gardens in Kowloon City (yes the same Kowloon city that's in black ops.) It's gonna be there for a few more days, and though it's sold out, you might be able to sort something out. You would be a fool to miss it!! here are some of the things you get to see there:

Their next stop is Hobart, so if you live close then check it.
enjoy your weekends web-buddies!


Swings and Roundabouts

As much as late cancellations suck, they do allow for some time to draw, and I figured its been a while since I put up a painting.
What? I like dragons OK?
Apologies for the lame photo, but it's too big to scan decently.
It's A3 as usual, and made with water colors.

I hope you all have a nice valentine's day tomorrow. Now get off the inter-web and do something nice for your loved ones!!


ditch diving and other endevours

I thought i would throw up the last tattoos from tonight and yesterday for your viewing pleasure. First up buddy Hermod got a sweet gypsy girl on the inside of his arm. Sat like a hero and even joined me for a couple at my favorite bar after. Awesome!!
Number 2 is buddy jacky and his new shark. Right in the ditch of the elbow, which i consider to be the most painful spot on your arm to get tattooed. Not only did buddy jacky not move an inch through it, he did all this while ailing with the flu. Legend
Lastly just as a reminder: the shop is going to be closed from the 31st January till the 4th Feb. Please email me with any enquiries and ill get back to you ASAP. See you soon friends.


hello friends. bad news i'm afraid. the shop is going to be closed from the 31st January till the 4th Feb.
I have to run back to the UK to attend a funeral. there are a couple of spots left before i go so if you are in a hurry to get tattooed then we might be able to squeeze it in.
while i am away you can still contact me through the magic of E-mail, and I will get back to you as soon as i can. thanks.
also, so you have something to look at, here's what i did today on the lovely Miss Aydans back.


Hello friends. This is a quick one because its friday and there is a beautiful pint of Guinness with my name all over it. this is what got done on Mr Webbs thigh chunk this afternoon.
Mr Webb originally asked for something completely different and it evolved into this.


"They convicted Ogilthorpe! "

Well 2010 has gasped it's last breath and 2011 is in full effect. i dont know about you but im feeling good about this one.
I also want to use the blog as a megaphone and say a huge thankyou to the amazing friends, family, and awesome customers that made last year awesome for me. There were ups and downs and without all of you guys, BLACKOUT wouldn't be what it is today. Thanks homies!! You all know who you are...ill buy you a beer when i see you!!
Now onto the first few tattoos of the year. My fake brother Mr dons tattoo has gone from this to this.
The first new customers for this year were the ice hockey brothers. Eddie is now proud owner of inukshuk. Inukshuk is used by the tribes up in the snowy wilds of canada and the arctic to signal fertile hunting grounds, and to navigate your way back home. There, now you've learnt something new today.
Leslie managed to get a turtle up on his chest. Both of these were real fun to do, and the guys made it a pleasure to be working late. Cheers chaps!
and to the rest of you, i hope you're staying warm! later web friends!!