The Avengers....

Superman...not so much.

Also lately has been some confusion with the information on google. BLACKOUT is no longer located in Causeway Bay. The new address is: 2F, 234 Sai Yeung Choi St South, Prince Edward.
This info should be updated as soon as google pull theirs fingers out.

Thanks for looking friends.


Like clockwork....

 The South China Sea Collective is rolling out tattoos left, right, and center. 
Mr Pick has been cranking out some new pieces, as has Mr Nic, And I myself got to tattoo these 2 tattoos over the last couple of days.

In other news i joined the pre facebook owned instygram revolution and you can follow my shit @blackoutbob
so far you will get some tattoos, some sketches, some random shots of beer and 2 cats.
 do it.


Sneak peak

As of Wednesday 4th April, I will be fully operational. 
Check us out.