a phurpa...

...is used as a ritual implement to signify stability on a prayer ground during ceremonies, and only those initiated in its use, or otherwise empowered, may wield it. The energy of the phurpa is fierce, wrathful, piercing, affixing, transfixing. The phurpa affixes the elemental process of 'Space' to the Earth, thereby establishing an energetic continuum.It is also on Mr Godwins leg.



It's getting closer and closer by the day.... That's right friends, P-day is a coming, and it's coming real soon. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
The one Mister Electric Pick is once again getting ready to grace our shores, and I do believe he might just be planning to wow you all with some next level tattoo maneuvers. As some of you know already Pick takes care of all his own bookings so drop him a line at : pick@electricpick.com!!!
In the mean time, check the P-man's Plog to read all about his uber-adventures in the african wilderness
I for one am fucking pumped to have Pick back in town, exciting times!!!

aaaaaand...... for those of you who get annoyed when you have nothing to look at, here's a quick painting I made especially for you...yes you!


Hello friends, long time no see. Please excuse the lack of updates, I have been trying to quit the evil nicotine habit, and thus all my spare time has been spent trying not to kill everyone. It has worked so far, but we will see how that goes.

First up, I had the pleasure of tattooing a couple of real nice people from the POWER PLANT art show that was in town. Here is what the lovely Miss Karo went with.

If you are in YMT tomorrow then go check out her show.

Secondly, one of the perks of a blog is that you get to pimp things you think are awesome, and POWER PLANT most certainly was. Its currently at the walled city gardens in Kowloon City (yes the same Kowloon city that's in black ops.) It's gonna be there for a few more days, and though it's sold out, you might be able to sort something out. You would be a fool to miss it!! here are some of the things you get to see there:

Their next stop is Hobart, so if you live close then check it.
enjoy your weekends web-buddies!