I got to do a couple of bird related tattoos this week, so i decided to throw them up for your viewing pleasure. First up is a swallow on Mr David. His father and grandfather both sported swallows on their forearms, so Dave thought he would carry on the tradition. This is what he got:
Second, Miss Fiona got a peacock feather on her ribs. Its a rough spot, but she pulled through with minimal screaming and kicking. I have decided the lady bird at the bottom is called Franz. 
 And finally to cap it all of I thought I would put up a video of a song I like By Follow That Bird! I dig it, and so should you.

On a separate note, Chinese New Year is upon us again so BLACKOUT will be closed on Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd. I will be back in the chair on Tuesday. As always, if you got questions then blast them through the internet to: hkblackout@gmail.com.