the elbubble/the impossible photo

i got to make a new compass rose tattoo on mr jacky's elbow bones yesterday, it came out great, but damned impossible to take a good photo of. so what you get is a photo of the enormous distended bubbalicious swelling instead. seriously, check it out!!
dont fret though, he's gonna be back for some sweet eagle tattoo action in a few weeks, so im going to get much better pics of it then.

also in the straight line and circle category, i got to do this nice little cross for rose last week. despite having to stop every 5 minutes, we managed to get it done in the end. i have seen this since and the greys healed up real nice and soft.
lastly if you are thinking about coming by on saturday night... you'd be better off doing it on sunday instead cos i'll be at the flaming lips gig (in fact you should probably be there too!)