photo post #2 of many

so heres the story.... many months ago me and mr pick took a long walk around Mong Kok for a photo day, and as most of you know pick loves his picture taking days, so he managed to develop his film months ago. me on the other hand, i find it hard to get as excited about HK photos, because i feel like i have seen everything before. that being said when i got these back i was pretty happy man, i feel like i got some new angles and stuff going on that i havent seen before. these are all taken around HK and the last 2 are from macau (though it looks like the grand canyon huh?)
they are all taken with an OM4 with sensia 100 film, and cross processed. they are straight up scans without any messing on photoshop. hope you like em as much as i do.


grey days go away!!!

ugh....rough weather this week, which not only means the shop has been quieter the last couple of days, it also means i have wet socks. anyone who knows me knows that there is nothing i hate more than wet socks. honestly it puts me into a state of hulk like rage. on the plus side the quiet days mean drawing days, which arent the worst thing in the world (wet socks are). this painting was the product:

its a chinese unicorn and is made with watercolour and a little prismacolor.
on a separate and final note...for all those people who feel the need to use your umbrella when you are in the only under cover area on the street, this is how i feel about you!

that is all!!


rock returns to HK

got some wicked news the other day...rockit (my favorite rock out weekend) is returning to our sunny shores. well almost. its moved to macau. and even though its a boat ride away i will be there in full effect.
the line up is looking good already : gary numan, UNKLE, electric eel shock, and chris cunningham. YES!

on another note here are a couple of tattoos that got done this week.
enjoy your weekends. because im sure gonna do my best to


birds and blood

so...my client today (happy birthday missy), had to push back her appointment for a couple of days so instead of some tatooey business, you get some painty business instead.
i have been trying to paint more these days, and im still new at it, but it is something i am enjoying more and more.
so here is a crane:
and here be a heart.
got some nice tattoos booked in for the next few days, so you can expect some real life bloody pics soon.


Germany 1 - 0 Haemoglobin

gordon (super nice dude from germany) popped back in to see me this week, with his proud farmer all healed up and ready for a photo. when we tattooed this he was what i like to call a "superbleeder" so i just couldnt get a good shot. here is the freshly healed man in all his glory:
thanks for coming back buddy and have a safe trip back home. secondly the lovely miss Kimi came in for a little fancy something. always nice to see her.
and last of all i wanted to show you guys this awesome antique mirror i picked up in a trade for a calf piece a while back. thanks homie.... you know who you are!!

It has hand carved phoenixes (spelling ?) and rats eating grapes. perfect.